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My mother frequently used a common phrase, “all good things are worth waiting
for.” True. All good things are worth waiting for, once they’re here! A phrase I often
think of is “the hardest part’s the waiting!” For a skier, or snow boarder having to wait
until the middle of January for snow, the second phrase rings truer than the first. But, the
snow has finally arrived, and we’re glad it’s here. We can’t wait to get out on the
powdery slopes, and make up for lost time!

Those living at, or in the area of, North Lake Tahoe have easy access to the
resorts, and for others, it’s a little more time consuming, and takes extra planning, but I
don’t think they really mind.viagra online The long wait is forgotten as I glide higher up the ski lift
overlooking the snowy valley. The pine trees are so covered with snow that just a little
bit of green, sticking out here and there, get smaller and smaller. Lake Tahoe—the great,
big, sparkling lake, is in view; though it shrinks in size, is still a sight for sore eyes.

Upon arrival at the top of the mountain, I take a look around from a new angle,
and take the scenery in. I place my poles in position, lean forward, and take another deep
breath of fresh air as I get ready to take the plunge down the hill. The beginning is a little
slow, but soon I’m going at lightning speed, first to the right, and then to the left. The
lake is getting bigger, snow is flying all over the place, the lake disappears for a minute,
and then re-appears behind some trees. All too soon I land at the bottom of the hill with
a feeling of pure exhilaration! The trees are now taller than me, and the lake is back to its
normal size, too. But there’s nothing like the feeling of being up on top of that mountain
and heading back down, so I go back to the lift to begin another ascent.

Of course, snow is essential to skiing and snowboarding, so let’s take a look at
some of our current totals:
Squaw Valley—5’
Alpine Meadows—6’
Mount Rose Ski Tahoe—just over 4’
Northstar California—3’ base, just over 4’ of new snow
Diamond Peak Ski Resort—just over 3’
Tahoe Donner—just over 3’
Boreal Mountain Resort—1.5’ base; upper depth 2’.

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